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Guardian In-Line Particle Filter

If there are particulates in your samples, there is a risk that they may get trapped in the fine channels of your sample line or within the nebulizer. The Guardian In-Line Particle Filter P/N 70-803-1108 provides a simple and effective way to eliminate this risk. This filter is easily inserted in the sample tubing between the autosampler probe and the nebulizer. It incorporates a 120 micron filter and is supplied with seals(ferrules) to suit both 1/16 inch (1.6mm) and 1.3mm OD sample tubing. If you require a filter for different tubing, please email Glass Expansion at vendas@mixlab.com.br.

The purpose-built clog-resistant design is ideal for ICP samples. Any particle build-up is easily removed by back-flushing and ultrasonic cleaning. And the PEEK material is suitable for use with all of the most common ICP solutions.

Back-flushing can be conveniently done using an adaptor connected to the Eluo Nebulizer Cleaning Tool. If you already have the Eluo, you only need to add the adaptor P/N 70-803-1160. If you do not have an Eluo, you will need to purchase the Plunger P/N 703-0070 and Barrel P/N 703-0058 or a complete Eluo.

Guardian In-Line Non-Return Gas Filter

The Guardian DC In-line Non-Return Gas Filter P/N 70-803-1942 from Glass Expansion provides protection for your ICP system in two ways:

  1. A non-return valve prevents acidified sample or rinse solution syphoning into the instrument gas box.
  2. 30-micron PolyComb filter protects the nebulizer from particulates in the instrument gas supply.

The Guardian In-line Non-Return Gas is positioned between the Ar inlet on the Direct Connection nebulizer and the gas supply fitting on the instrument. The In-line Non-Return Filter has a one-way valve that allows argon to flow from the instrument into the nebulizer, but prevents liquid syphoning into the instrument. A unique PolyComb 30-micron filter design protects the nebulizer from particulates from the gas supply or from worn or damaged fittings in the gas lines. Unlike Sintered or Frit style filters, the linear honeycomb structure makes PolyComb most resistant to particulate and dissolved solid clogging.

Syphoning of the sample or rinse solution into the nebulizer argon control module on your ICP can occur at the end of an analytic run when the nebulizer gas pressure is turned off and there is liquid in the sample flow path. It is made worse if the autosampler probe stays in the rinse position at the end of a run.

A real problem using an autosampler for unattended overnight runs, it is a silent, invisible killer of your ICP. Acidified solution in the instrument Ar control module can cause corrosion to electronic sensors in mass flow controllers and damage regulators that can result in expensive repairs to your ICP and un-planned down time.

QA Kit

Download the QA Kit Brochure

Do you want to be alerted when the filter needs to be back-flushed? The answer to this is quite simple, add our TruFlo Sample Monitor. With the digital display of the TruFlo Sample Monitor, you always know the actual rate of sample uptake (through the filter) to your nebulizer. You can set the upper and lower limits of your acceptable sample flow range and receive a warning on the screen and an audible alarm if the sample flow moves outside the acceptable range. Then you know it is time to back-flush the inline filter. 

The Q AKit is a convenient package combining the TruFlo Sample Monitor, Inline Particle Filter, Eluo Nebulizer Cleaning Tool and Eluo Adaptor for Inline Filter.

The QA Kit enhances the day-to-day reproducibility of your results and greatly reduces the chance of a blocked nebulizer.

ICP Nebulizer Maintenance Made Easy

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
70-803-1108 Inline Particle Filter
70-803-1160 Eluo Adaptor for Inline Filter
KT-1136 QA Kit
70-803-0749 Fitting Seal (Ferrule) 1/16 inch (PKT 10)
70-803-0748 Fitting Seal (Ferrule) 1.3mm (PKT 10)



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