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The Elegra Argon Humidifier

An Argon Humidifier is commonly used in ICP analyses involving samples with high concentrations of dissolved solids. It helps to alleviate salt deposits in the nebulizer and torch injector, allowing uninterrupted and maintenance-free operation.

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Spectroscopy Application Notebook, February 2016, p10-11


Elegra Humidifier:

Elegra Dual Humidifier:

  • Compact, cost-effective design.
  • No heating or electric power required.
  • Non-pressurized water reservoir.
  • An easy-to-use bypass switch allows you to take the Elegra off-line without disconnecting argon lines. (Not available with Elegra Dual)
  • Highly efficient membrane humidification technology.
  • Improved signal stability for samples with high TDS.
  • Simple to use and maintain.
  • Facilitates long, uninterrupted run times.
  • Inert metal-free construction eliminates possibility of contamination.
  • Rugged and durable polymer casing.
  • Maximum and minimum fill marks ensure that you are always operating under optimum conditions.
  • Compatible with all ICP-OES and ICP-MS models. Direct connection to argon outlet provided for most models.
  • Two-channel configuration available for ICP-MS instruments using auxiliary argon.


Internal Standard signal for three Internal Standard lines with and without Elegra Argon Humidifier

Internal standard stability in 0.5% lithium metaborate/tetraborate with Elegra Ar humidifierInternal standard stability in 0.5% lithium metaborate/tetraborate without Elegra Ar humidifier

Effect of 25% NaCI solution on nebuliser gas flow

To SuitDescriptionPart Number
Agilent ® /Varian Vista/700-ES/MP-AESElegra argon humidifier70-803-1265
Agilent ® 5100/5110/5800/5900Elegra argon humidifier70-803-1268
Agilent ® 4500/7500Elegra argon humidifier70-803-1267
Agilent ® 7700/7800/7900/8800/8900Elegra argon humidifier70-803-1268
Horiba ® Jobin YvonElegra argon humidifier70-803-1266
Teledyne™ LeemanElegra argon humidifier70-803-1265
PerkinElmer ® AVIO/OptimaElegra argon humidifier70-803-1269
PerkinElmer ® Elan/NexION 300/350Elegra argon humidifier70-803-1270
PerkinElmer ® NexION 1000/2000/5000Elegra argon humidifier70-803-1466
Shimadzu ® 9000/9800, 2030Elegra argon humidifier70-803-1312
Spectro™Elegra argon humidifier70-803-1269
Thermo ® PRO, 6000/7000, Q/RQ/TQ, X SeriesElegra argon humidifier70-803-1303
Other modelsElegra argon humidifier70-803-1271
Agilent ® 4500/7500Elegra Dual two-channel argon humidifier70-803-1272
Agilent ® 7700/7800/7900Elegra Dual two-channel argon humidifier70-803-1273
PerkinElmer ® Elan/NexION 300/350Elegra Dual two-channel argon humidifier70-803-1274
PerkinElmer ® NexION 1000/2000/5000Elegra Dual two-channel argon humidifier70-803-1473
Other modelsElegra Dual two-channel argon humidifier70-803-1275
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